Thursday, 31 July 2014

Beautiful in Black

Hello everyone, how are you doing? I trust God is taking care of all your cares.
Long time no blog, lol. just so so busy nowadays. And to think that i am supposed to be on leave sigh)..
so here is a quick one, another simple black dress. As i did in this look, a few accessories, in the form of a bag and ankara brooch, were used to add a touch class.
simply, beautifully, black!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Burgundy Flowers

Hello my loves. Thanks so so much for all the support you show to this blog. I appreciate it and God bless you.
This floral jacket just won me over when I saw it. I knew I had to have it, and thankfully it wasn't too expensive ( it cost twenty cedis ( about 7dollars) from a second-hand clothes dealer.
The cut and fit was just perfect, and the flower and leaf prints adds a perfect finish. Its definitely a must for my wardrobe.
I styled it to go with my burgundy pants I used in this previous post HERE. I then complemented it with a black tank top and matching pumps.
What do you guys think?

Monday, 14 July 2014

Kente Mini Skirt

Sometimes the pieces you need to make a statement are right there in your closet, hiding amongst the stuff you hardly wear.
Hello, its a beautiful monday morning here loves. Hope you all are having a great week.
This kente skirt was made a while ago, precisely during my pregnancy. It came in combination with a loose-fiting green chiffon top as a maternity style to accomodate my big stomach lol.
It was such a hit, attracting stares (wink wink lol), when I wore it then to my cousin's marriage ceremony. Since then its been hiding in my stuff because I have tagged it maternity wear.
But when I paired only the skirt with a different top now, as above, I realised it could still be useful as a statement piece.
So there goes. Re-modelling an old Kente skirt to make a statement. In order for the whole outfit not to look too 'reddish', I added neutral accesories, ie purse and pumps, to complete this look.
Your thoughts?

Thanks for reading, now lets read your comments loves and catch you soon.


Saturday, 12 July 2014

My arms, My issue.

Hi there, how are you doing? I am great and sincerely hope same for you too.
My arms, my issues. I titled this post this way because of my thick arms. When I saw the photos I just had to talk about this.
I really used to hate them, lol. Because people just look at my arms and conclude that I am fat.
but, since its not the whole body, then I am not really fat no? Am I making sense at all? I know I am not lol!
I have learnt to accept them now so I freely flaunt them at any opportunity.
So this is all of me, in my black tank top, showing off the 'macho' arms God gave

Monday, 7 July 2014

Pink Glory

Hi fellas! Good day to you all.
I am feeling sad as I type this post. it is being alleged that one of Ghana's illustrious sons, Theophilus Tagoe, popularly known as Castro, is dead. although there are no bodies to confirm this, rumours reports are coming in from various media houses on the issue
A very talented musician, he has many songs to his credit and several collaborations with other equally talented artists like Sarkodie, MzBEL, Tinny etc. The most popular feature about his songs were his inclusion of Ghanainan footballer Asamoah Gyan in the tracks. He has brought joy and merry to the hearts of many people because his songs are good with very danceable rythms.
i sincerely hope this is not true, no bodies yet...

I leave you with these photos, featuring my outfit to work about a month ago.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Battling the Cold Weather

Hi you all lovely people! How are your weeks progressing? Mine is going well, I trust you are too.
The rains have resumed again, after a long break. In fact, its been raining a lot in Accra these days, taking up most of the mornings. You only go out when you really have to, like to work or for some very important task, or get under a blanket and doze off, lol. I happen to prefer the last option, hehehe...
So the weather continues to be cold, and when you cannot afford to doze off, then you must prepare to battle the cold.
In this outfit, I had on a black jeans trousers, black tank top and a crop jacket in a soft yellow hue. The colour of the crop jacket adds a pop of life to the whole black outfit and also brightens a gloomy day.
PS; There is a hood attached to the jacket which I love as well but that didn't show ( evidence of bad photography lol!).
So, are you feeling my battling the cold weather look?