Saturday, 31 May 2014

Knot Dress.

Hello lovely friends! Good day to you all and welcome to another outfit post. Am so sorry for the absence this week, work and errands had done for all my time, lol,  leaving little time for blogging. Well, its so good to be back here again.
Today's post features a simple dress with red, brown and off-white prints. It also has a knot on the front side of it. The red, black and beige colors in the dress combine so perfectly, making this dress one of my favourites. Neutral pumps and purse completed this look for me. Enjoy the photos and tell me what you think....

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Celebrity Fashion

Angelic looking Jackie Appiah at the AMAA awards ceremony in Nigeria.
Hello loves, how are u doing? Just bringing you some captivating shots of our beautiful celebrities over the previous week...Enjoy more pics below..

Monday, 26 May 2014

GTP Ankara Skirt Suit.

Good day to you all. Its always a pleasure to be back with a post.
Today is an AU holiday in Ghana but I had so many things to do and errands to run I am simply exhausted. Am off to bed in a few minutes after I post this, lol!
Today's outfit features a pencil skirt suit made from GTP fabric. It was made by a tailor friend. I love the cut so much, especially the pleats at the back of the jacket...My black pumps need no introduction now, do they? Hehe..

Celebrity Fashion

Hello Fam! Here is another dose of celebrity fashion. Above, and below, is Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe giving us a double this time...more below...

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Geometric Shapes + Cheers Real Madrid!

Hello my dear friends, so glad to be back again. Hope you are all doing good.
I am in fantastic spirits because REAL MADRID ARE UEFA CHAMPS! Yayyyyyy! Congrats to all the guys who fought for this dream to be a reality, Ramos, Ronaldo, Bale, Marcello, Casillas etc. They have made history of propelling Real Madrid to its Decima Dream, ten times UEFA champions. #teamrealmadrid# #blowingvuvuzela#

This dress is a midi dress, with no sleeves and large geometric shapes. Its a simple dress but can be made to suit different occasions when paired with the right accessories. Here I gave it a formal touch by adding a blazer and pumps for a formal look.
I feel so good wearing it due to the colors and design. Enjoy the photos...

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Taking Some Casual Steps

Hello there! I am back again with another post. How are you doing? Fine I guess.
Today's outfit is a casual one that may be worn to run errands or grab something to eat. Featuring Afro hair, Sunglasses, Tank top, Leggings, Sandals and Cross body bag. And yes, a smile...Enjoy the photos

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Celebrity Fashion

 Hello lovees, really did miss you. Today is another dose of Celebrity Fashion. Above is Becca brightening up the day with her outfit. I love the top.
Take a peek and see what our female celebrities are wearing. .....

Ankara Gathers Skirt

Hi friends, happy sunday and welcome to another post. I am so grateful for your visits to this blog.
I share my passion here, which I hope would also inspire some diva out there.

Anyways.., I had this skirt made by a tailor friend using Daviva material. The top was actually part of a dress but the skirt was too short. So I cut it up, removed the down, and voila, I got me a really nice top. The shoes and belt were all thrifted.
Enjoy the photos and tell me what you think...

Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Hello lovely people! So nice to be back again. Hope you are all having a fruitful day.
Life has been so unfriendly to me lately. Its been one difficult situation after another. Sometimes I really feel like not trying again because I dont get the results I want. I am just not in a good space at the moment.
But, it pays to be strong. And getting up and showing strength in the face of trials helps you to face those problems life is dishing out to you. The more you face them, the stronger you become. So I find a way to be strong. Instead of lying down, I rise up. Instead of looking gloomy, I dress up and smile. I go to work and I mingle. I am holding on. For after the darkest part of the night, comes the light. I just pray for strength from Jehovah God to carry me through.

Anyway, I pulled out this navy striped blazer I love so so much mmuah! It turns any outfit I match it with into a glam affair. I have worn it a few times but didnt take photos. So on this day, I decided to pair it with my white denim. Brenda of did a similar post using a metallic blazer. That actually gave me the inspiration to style my blazer this way and to come up with this post. Thanks Brenda.
Enjoy the photos and bless you for reading.........

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Celebrity Fashion

 This week on our celebrity fashion we feature actress chika ike, shown above, and others as shown below. They all spotted some chic looks and we just wanna feed our eyes on them..

Friday, 9 May 2014

Friday African Wear

Hello lovelies, welcome to another outfit post. Hope you are all doing well. Its Friday and I got to rock another Friday wear, as we term it in Ghana.
The was made from an ABC wax print I saved from my old slit and kaba that I no longer use.
Enjoy the photos and tell me your thoughts....

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Beige Things!

Hello friends! A good day to you all. Hope you are all good.
I have recently bought a few blazers and this beige one is amongst them. Blasers add style and elegance to any outfit and also protects against the cold weather, which we are gradually entering into. if you do not have, then try and stock up on a few ok? ok.
See how I rocked it below..

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Oversized Shirt

Hello lovelies! Good day to you all and welcome to another outfit post.
In this look I wore an over sized mint shirt. The shirt actually has tiny lines running through it but those were not captured by the camera.
I paired it with black skinny pants, pumps and crossbody bag. Enjoy...

Friday, 2 May 2014

Celebrity Fashion

Hello fashionable friends. I just thought to update you on some fabulous fashion from our celebrities. Joselyn dumas, Jackie Appiah, Omotola, Genevevieve and a lot more. Look through and be inspired..

Joselyn on the set of her program, the One Show

Christabel Ekeh for a magazine shoot..

Straps and Colours!

Hello lovelies. Its so good to be back with another outfit inspiration. Hope you are enjoying the Friday and also getting ready for the Sabbath, by God's Grace.
This outfit consists of a simple dress with single straps and a lot of colours. Pairing it with this heeled sandals makes it more strappy and colorful! Enjoy the pics and tell me your thoughts..