Monday, 1 December 2014

Colour Block

Hello beautiful people! Welcome to another post yeah!. How has work, school, home and everything else been?
I can't apologize enough for the super loooooong absence and silence, please do forgive, love ya all!
These photos should actually have been posted before going on hibernation, and not after,  as I am doing now. But hey, stuff happens right?

So now, onto brighter things, and brighter photos..yeah.

 I totally fell in love with this dress made by my seamstress from woodin fabric, she actually exceeded my expectation with this one. Turned out so beautiful, colourful, awesome-ful, nice-ful...hehehe, my own adjectives naa (wink). Just two colours blocking each other whilst I shine away..
Anyway, this was my outfit to Sabbath service one saturday. As said earlier, these are throwback photos. Hopefully, current ones showing the current me would surface next week.

PS: Thats my hubby in the mirror taking the shots lol...