Monday, 18 August 2014

Coloured Dots

Hello everyone, welcome here again.. me miss you all like its my personal business lol!!
Hope u are doing good. Am good, the weather is beautiful this morning, and we are going to face the week.
This look features a simple dress I take to work and sometimes other places including church. I took this photos a while back but haven't uploaded them till now..
Hope you enjoy them..

Friday, 15 August 2014

Tweed Jacket


Hello loves.. nice to have you here. 
Today is Friday, and I am wishing you all a super weekend.
Today's post features a Tweed jacket. With this jacket, all I can say is that it pays to buy quality, anytime, any day. I have also realised that ,being stylish does not mean to wear the latest trends but wearing what you have to look trendy ( see me giving fashion lectures*claps hands* lol lol lol).
Yeah, as I was saying, I've had this jacket since university days, and that goes as far back as ten-twleve years ago (why does saying this make me feel like i am growing 
I have been out of uni for ten years now!! whoop whoop.!
Ok, but this jacket has served its purpose well, and continues to do so as i style it with different pieces..
for this cloudy, down-cast day i opted to for this jacket and a white tank top with jeans. only after seeing how the whole thing turned out did the white shoes come into play, otherwise white on a rainy or muddy day is a no-no for me. ( took it off after a while anyway to prevent it getting all muddy).
more photos below

Monday, 11 August 2014

Wedding Guest- Colour Me Yellow

Hello loves! How are u doing! Hope u getting over the monday blues!
My weekend was fun-filled because there was a wedding and I got to catch up with some family members I had not seen in a while. It was fantastic seeing all of them.
I wore yellow! Yayyy!. I have never, had a yellow dress (as far as I can remember) and I just decided this is time to get one.
Not wanting to spend too much buying designer stuff I just bought the material plus a bit of lace and had my seamstress do this style for me. Fits pretty well and I just love how it all turned out.
This neutral shoes with little bow-strings on top ( different from the one used previously, lol) and matching cross-body purse tied it all together..
Shout outs to my cousins Paul and Hubert for taking the photos, and Patricia as well for being so fun to be with.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Peach Perfect Peach!

Hello beautiful ones, how are you all doing?
my laptop developed a fault for a while hence my inability to post. but its back now, so here i am.
this post has been on draft for a while now, dont know why i havent posted it till now because the dress is beautiful.
It is a simple mini peach dress, also bought second hand from a dealer paired with neutral pumps. Its quite short so I had to constantly hold it down against the wind lol.( Better I pair it with flats next time.)
But its really lovely and fits well. For a flirty and girly date or party, this look would be the thing to go for. A simple dress but can be dressed to suit every occasion. .
This black and gold belt I bought from a thrift stall is a new addition to my belt family. Using it together with my neutral pumps completed this outfit perfectly for me. (I know, I use this pumps a lot lol)
PS: I am not this fat, the camera came too close ( hehehe, hides face) lol.

Oversized Shirt (Part II)

Hello there, welcome back. Just a quick outfit post.
You all remember the big shirt I used in the "Oversized Shirt" post right? Well, I rocked it again, but this time with a skirt.
Enjoy the pics..