Friday, 15 August 2014

Tweed Jacket


Hello loves.. nice to have you here. 
Today is Friday, and I am wishing you all a super weekend.
Today's post features a Tweed jacket. With this jacket, all I can say is that it pays to buy quality, anytime, any day. I have also realised that ,being stylish does not mean to wear the latest trends but wearing what you have to look trendy ( see me giving fashion lectures*claps hands* lol lol lol).
Yeah, as I was saying, I've had this jacket since university days, and that goes as far back as ten-twleve years ago (why does saying this make me feel like i am growing 
I have been out of uni for ten years now!! whoop whoop.!
Ok, but this jacket has served its purpose well, and continues to do so as i style it with different pieces..
for this cloudy, down-cast day i opted to for this jacket and a white tank top with jeans. only after seeing how the whole thing turned out did the white shoes come into play, otherwise white on a rainy or muddy day is a no-no for me. ( took it off after a while anyway to prevent it getting all muddy).
more photos below


Thanks for visiting loves.. hope you enjoyed the photos..
Now, would you wear white shoes on a rainy, or muddy day??

Tell me below..i want to hear from you



Fashion Rehab said... Reply To This Comment

lol @ ur giving fashion tips now. The blazer really looks like its good quality especially lasting that long. Nice look :)

Uzo O said... Reply To This Comment

i love your shoes , and the jacket is really nice . Love the way you styled this outfit.



MELODY JACOBS said... Reply To This Comment


MELODY JACOBS said... Reply To This Comment

nice outfit

DESOLA MAKO said... Reply To This Comment

I love yor shoes Hun and the jacket fits greatly, now following you.
Thnx for stopping by on mine

Fredreca Adams said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks people, for visisting and commenting..much love

Missy May said... Reply To This Comment

Yea you're growing old. Lol! Love this outfit - so chic and beautiful. Great blazer! Following your blog now. :)

Buiti Christian said... Reply To This Comment

i love the jacket babe