Thursday, 7 August 2014

Peach Perfect Peach!

Hello beautiful ones, how are you all doing?
my laptop developed a fault for a while hence my inability to post. but its back now, so here i am.
this post has been on draft for a while now, dont know why i havent posted it till now because the dress is beautiful.
It is a simple mini peach dress, also bought second hand from a dealer paired with neutral pumps. Its quite short so I had to constantly hold it down against the wind lol.( Better I pair it with flats next time.)
But its really lovely and fits well. For a flirty and girly date or party, this look would be the thing to go for. A simple dress but can be dressed to suit every occasion. .
This black and gold belt I bought from a thrift stall is a new addition to my belt family. Using it together with my neutral pumps completed this outfit perfectly for me. (I know, I use this pumps a lot lol)
PS: I am not this fat, the camera came too close ( hehehe, hides face) lol.

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Ugo Ukam said... Reply To This Comment

You look amazing, not fat just perfect and the shoes match>>please don't apologize for wearing one shoe all the time if it works for you.....we'll love it. confidence is the best attire a woman can wear:)
You always look beautiful and you are beautiful.

What Kenny Hearts said... Reply To This Comment

Great post! This is such a lovely look. Hope you have an amazing day!


Buiti Christian said... Reply To This Comment

Lovely look and the color sits well

Fashion Rehab said... Reply To This Comment

lol, you make it sound like you are so fat. You look good girl, no need for explanations. Your dress is cute!

Fredreca Adams said... Reply To This Comment

Awww you guys are amazing,...feeling so good now. thanks you all!