Monday, 11 August 2014

Wedding Guest- Colour Me Yellow

Hello loves! How are u doing! Hope u getting over the monday blues!
My weekend was fun-filled because there was a wedding and I got to catch up with some family members I had not seen in a while. It was fantastic seeing all of them.
I wore yellow! Yayyy!. I have never, had a yellow dress (as far as I can remember) and I just decided this is time to get one.
Not wanting to spend too much buying designer stuff I just bought the material plus a bit of lace and had my seamstress do this style for me. Fits pretty well and I just love how it all turned out.
This neutral shoes with little bow-strings on top ( different from the one used previously, lol) and matching cross-body purse tied it all together..
Shout outs to my cousins Paul and Hubert for taking the photos, and Patricia as well for being so fun to be with.

Thanks for visiting loves..catch you soon and enjoy the day..



Buiti Christian said... Reply To This Comment

love your bag dear

DESOLA MAKO said... Reply To This Comment

yellow is such a beautiful colour.

tinuology said... Reply To This Comment

Yellow is such a pretty colour.

Fredreca Adams said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks Buiti..Desola and Tinu, yeah yellow sure is.
Thanks guys!!