Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Hello lovely people! So nice to be back again. Hope you are all having a fruitful day.
Life has been so unfriendly to me lately. Its been one difficult situation after another. Sometimes I really feel like not trying again because I dont get the results I want. I am just not in a good space at the moment.
But, it pays to be strong. And getting up and showing strength in the face of trials helps you to face those problems life is dishing out to you. The more you face them, the stronger you become. So I find a way to be strong. Instead of lying down, I rise up. Instead of looking gloomy, I dress up and smile. I go to work and I mingle. I am holding on. For after the darkest part of the night, comes the light. I just pray for strength from Jehovah God to carry me through.

Anyway, I pulled out this navy striped blazer I love so so much mmuah! It turns any outfit I match it with into a glam affair. I have worn it a few times but didnt take photos. So on this day, I decided to pair it with my white denim. Brenda of did a similar post using a metallic blazer. That actually gave me the inspiration to style my blazer this way and to come up with this post. Thanks Brenda.
Enjoy the photos and bless you for reading.........

Thanks for visiting. Do come again, and please drop your comments below.

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Ugo Ukam said... Reply To This Comment

there's something about all white styling that speaks Clean and elegant..
You look GOOD:)

SincerelyMissJ said... Reply To This Comment

I really love the whole outfit, would def. rock that! It's simple but so elegant and classy as well!