Saturday, 12 April 2014

Get Your Afro On!

Hello my dear friends! How have you been? I am hoping you are as good as  am over here. The weather in Ghana is warm and so tank tops are perfectly in order. I decided to rock my Afro wig again. I've had it for about 4yrs now, and usually use it whenever I am unable to visit the salon. I am going to rock it for a while so get ready to see it a bit more on this blog. Enjoy the photos....

Thanks so much for reading, I will soon be back with another post. And please drop your comments below.



sophia La Style said... Reply To This Comment

Love how you style this look, beautiful.

Fredreca Adams said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks Sophia.
Will check out your blog once I close from work.
Love, Fredreca.