Sunday, 6 April 2014

Short of Words!

Hello my lovely readers. Welcome to another outfit post from me. Hope you are all good. welcome to a new week.
I actually had such a hard time figuring out what colors I was wearing. I could only tell the shoe is radiant orchid or mauve, but that's it. Not the pants nor the shirt lol.
So I  decided to skip the colors and find another title for this post. But I still could not come up with anything, hence, the title, Short of Words! Enjoy the photos below...

Love you for reading! How did you enjoy the pictures?

Please leave your comments below. Thank you.



Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

This had too much of the same colours for me...didn't excite my eyes as much but I love them shoes.

Fredreca Adams said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks dear. Glad you liked the shoes. Will feature the pieces differently later on.
love, Fredreca.