Friday, 6 June 2014

Long Skirt With Side Slit

Hi there, welcome to today's outfit post. Hope you are doing well by God's Grace.
So yesterday the rains came down on heavily Accra. It poured the whole day leaving most parts of Accra flooded. Fortunately my area wasn't affected thank God. But the cold weather sent me looking through my wardrobe for a sweater lol. I would do an outfit post on that grey sweater later.
So back to today's post. I got this long skirt with side slit a while ago from a thrift stall in Makola market. I have been unable to wear it because even though the waist fitted fine, the hips was a little loose. A week ago I decided to 'manage' it to see what I could make out of it.
These are the results. Did I pull it off?

Thanks for reading. I appreciate it.

But please tell me if I managed it the skirt a little lol...xoxo



Buiti Christian said... Reply To This Comment

I like d skirt it cute, Try rocking it next time with a sleevest top and and open toe shoe. Nice look

Laud Adjei said... Reply To This Comment

Love ur blog.gud fashion sence

Fredreca Adams said... Reply To This Comment

well noted Buiti, would do just that..xoxo

@ Laud Adjei. thanks a bunch..hope u visit again!!

Ofure .O. said... Reply To This Comment

You look stunning love..really nice skirt x

Fredreca Adams said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks Ofure, i am grateful!